'Gettin' nekkid' is normally

the rebellious action of choice on
The non-fkk boy says to
his buddy, "Look what I Have found!" as he shows the nudist child a copy of Playboy
or some similar magazine, which he found somewhere.
pictures of scantily clothed, erotically posed women, the lad who has seen
hundreds of people of all ages and body types, will probably think, "I Have seen
lots of naked people before. Why does he want to steal looks at this?" He
might also believe, "This is not even what most people look like."
Growing up without shame
All these things happen to
nudist kids, also. The one huge difference for kids who were lucky enough to grow
Upward in a nudist environment is that those children have literally seen those
changes take place, as their old friends and siblings went through that
difficult time. Because of that experience, they're better prepared for it
We read in the newspapers
almost daily of some teacher, youth leader, church official or some other
Sure individual who took advantage of a kid in a sexual way. With hundreds
of naturist clubs in North America, that problem almost never takes place at our
A family that is open
enough to have experienced nudism, just like a healthy non-fkk family, is
children understand they can tell their parents immediately if they ever guess
that something is wrong.
We've been told by
authorities the rationale fkk clubs have an extremely low prevalence of sex
offenders is that we have the reputation of prosecuting those individuals, while
until recent years, many other organizations have "swept those difficulties under a
rug", more concerned with their public image than with the security of the people
they should have been protecting.
Historically, sex abusers
have felt much safer committing their misdeeds within organizations which have
tried to cover up their difficulties with molesters.
encouraging to know that Naked Buns, and many other nudist clubs, have a very
good relationship with law enforcement agencies. Some of their policemen are
members of our club. You can be sure that if we were doing anything
Another fact to ponder:
Almost all sex offenders are men. At a nudist club, it'd be very easy to
tell if a man were to become sexually excited.
Some other fascinating
We don't present this
information in an attempt to try to make ourselves appear to be "better" than
our non-naturist friends; rather, this information could explain some other
interesting observations about nudists' lives:
among naturist families, and their kids tend to make better scores than
similar children in non-nudist families. We do not believe that this is BECAUSE
the families are nudists; it's more likely that the marriages are more stable
AND their kids make good grades AND the families are nudists because the family
members have a tendency to convey a little more openly with each other within their daily
Learning to accept and
Regard all bodies
kids see all kinds and ages unclothed, they learn acceptance of the developing and
aging processes; they don't believe they have to have face lifts, boob jobs and
collagen injections to become socially acceptable; they do not grow up believing
"You are what you wear".
They've likely never had
a instance of a child being killed for his tennis shoes or his Eddie Bauer coat!
We believe that when Americans
learn to accept the body as natural and wholesome, many of our societal difficulties
which stem from body approval will decrease.
A clothing optional holiday is just like
your other holidays - with one major exception - you don't have to wear
Garments. An increasing number of individuals are appreciating these types of holidays and a
growing number of first class resorts are offering the choice to go topless or
Clothes-Optional or Naked recreation has been
the standard in Europe for several years, and while a bit slow to "catch on" in the US
Suitable, it is becoming very popular, particularly in Caribbean destinations
It's not in any way unusual for the first timer to be somewhat nervous becoming
started, but once they get out of their clothes, any nervousness fast
There are two quite great procedures of going about getting "nekkid" for the first
1. A lot of first timers will pick destinations that are clothes optional for
their first excursion. Elective means exactly what it suggests - you can choose to go

This way you'll be able to work out
of your suit somewhat more slowly until you are comfy.
2. Just jump right in and "Go for it". If you have already made the choice to
go to a clothing optional or nude beach you've already passed the largest

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Jessica's First Time Nudist Story

Guest Nudist Website By: Jessica Marie
First-Time Naturist - If you requested me to join a nudist club a year ago, I would happen to be out the door faster than you'd have even begun to take your clothes away. Why? Because I've been extremely self conscious my whole life. Beginning in middle school, I 'd consistently tried to fit in.
I joined cheerleading, the town dancing group, gymnastics, and the school band. But even after all of these attempts at being a part of something, I was always the odd man out. I always saw myself as a little too chubby, a little too clumsy, a little less flexible, and much less organized as everyone else as I approached my teenager years.
In reality, it wasn't on the list at all. In the end, I was seventeen, barely five-feet tall, and (gasp) a size A cup.
Even now, after college, not much has changed. And then I met someone whom I 'll refer to as Bryan.
First Nudist FKK Gathering
I first met Bryan through a web site, and when we eventually decided to meet in person, it was no secret to me that he was absolutely comfortable being unclothed and not a first-time naturist like me. After a month approximately of getting to understand him, he asked me if I needed to head to a nudist event held by FKK at Juniper Woods. Since it was FKK coordinating the occasion, I learned that young people would be attending. I had zero idea what I was getting myself into.
A week passed and all the while, Bryan and I were hyping up how trendy the occasion would be. I packed my stuff, he picked me up from my house, and we made our way to the Catskills. The first half of the car ride were amazing as we sang and I saw the lovely countryside pass by the window. And then we passed a sign for the Rocking Horse Ranch, where we'd school camping trips when I was younger.
I tried envisioning a camping trip with all the kids I went to school with getting nude, and all I could think of was how judgmental they'd be. I freaked out. I began hyperventilating. I could not believe I was really going to get nude in front of people I did not know. How many would be there? Should I just wear short pants? What about my little boobs? I should definitely wear my hair down in front of them. Oh, and Iwill need to suck in my belly. Bryan talked me out of one anxiety attack after another. I soon learned I 'd nothing to be worried about.
We eventually pulled up to some big gate with a sign in front with buzzer. Bryan talked into a box saying we were here for the FKK event. I sat there unable to talk or go. The gates started to move after some time, and soon before our automobile was a middle aged girl, totally naked, sitting in a golf cart. I believed it was funny. I hadn't seen too many naked people out in the open like that before.
After all, if I only sat at our campsite completely clothed, I 'd, yet again, be the odd-person out.
It was then I realized when I did not strip down within the next five minutes, I was probably not going to do it at all. So, when the tent was eventually up, I went inside and got end-freakin'-nude. It was a strange feeling being fully naked outside. It wasn't really so awful, I thought. But the real test of my new found courage would be facing all of these total strangers.
When Bryan was done getting nude, we walked down to a tented area where the nudies were body painting. Bryan introduced me to a couple of them and told them I was a first-time naturist and that it was my very first time at a FKK (or any) naturist occasion. And before I knew it, I 'd a group of people coming over to meet me.
Everyone was exceptionally friendly, and although I was still nervous, I began to feel more comfortable. They weren't like the people who I went to school with who I understood would have been eyeing me up and down. Instead, my new friends were giving me comforting grins and waves. I looked around the little group of people; they were all different sizes and shapes and they were so comfortable in their own skin. I understood at that moment the feelings they had were what I wanted.
It was in that instant when I finally let all of my guards down and declared to the world, I'm Jessica!
The weekend was likely among the finest of my life. I got body painted, went to a bonfire, danced, went swimming and hot-tubbing. I was slowly but surely learning to love everything about myself, even my small breasts and love handles.
In doing so, in learning to accept who I 'm on the outside, I can completely focus and love my entire individual, both inside and out. And this change happened with the help of everyone there. I know if everyone was not so unbelievably pleasant and welcoming and totally and utterly non-critical, I 'd have never kept my clothes off, and I wouldn't have believed everything that I 'd experienced.
My first nudie experience was only a couple months ago, and ever since then, I've been going to every naturist occasion that I can. Through Naturist Portal, I 've made incredible friends, and the old insecure Jessica is slowly becoming only a shadow of my past.
This article about being First Time Naturist At The FKK Party was printed by - Young Naturists and Young Nudists America FKK
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